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Expert Solutions in Structural Strengthening and Resilient Construction!

Concrete Renovations India is a private limited company incorporated with the Government of India. We specialize in Testing, Repair, and Retrofitting of ICI Structures (Infrastructural, Commercial, and Industrial Structures). Our comprehensive ARC virtuous cycle ensures the long-term integrity and durability of concrete structures.

Audit: Our company employs a range of techniques, from visual inspections to advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), to conduct Structural Integrity Audits of Concrete Structures. Through rigorous assessments, we identify potential weaknesses and recommend effective solutions.

Retrofit: We prepare structures for the future by enhancing their structural components through comprehensive Concrete Repair, Restoration, and Retrofitting Services. Our expertise includes micro-concreting, epoxy grouting, corrosion treatment, supplemental steel systems, and section enlargement. Whether it’s a multi-storey complex, an infrastructure project like bridges and dams, or industrial structures such as silos, chimneys, and cooling towers, we deliver reliable solutions.

Construct: Drawing from our vast experience in structural strengthening, our construction projects embody the lessons we’ve learned. We go beyond simply meeting cube strength requirements; we prioritize durability by incorporating enhanced support systems such as waterproofing, expansion joints treatment, and protective coatings. This ensures that our constructions stand the test of time.

At Concrete Renovations India, we are committed to delivering expert solutions that reinforce the structural integrity of diverse concrete structures. Our team of experienced professionals works diligently to ensure the highest standards of quality, durability, and safety.

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